how to add consumer to existing kinesis stream from java MS?


I need to add new consumer to an existing stream. I'm stuck on a point where I'm getting both shards of the stream correct but without data. when I'm iterating on them (with many retries and sleeps between) I don't see any records. (they exist because other consumer of the same stream get them). what configuration is needed to see data? plus, data viewer tab doesn't show the records (using LATEST) . why?

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If you're using 'LATEST' iterator type, the consumer starts reading new data records from the most recent point onwards and does not read the data records written prior to it. For reading older data, you may consider using a 'TRIM_HORIZON' shard iterator type, which starts reading the oldest data record in the shard.

The above also holds true when using 'Data viewer' in Kinesis Streams via AWS Console.


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