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Hello, I tried running Macie job on a bucket with just a few small files. The job is running for more than 10 hours and it does not look like it is going to end. There are no errors anywhere (including in cloudtrail). Any idea of what could be the issue?

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Hi @yossico - some things to look into:

  • Have any findings been generated?
  • Have classification results been generated (exported to the S3 bucket that the product strongly recommends you set up)?
  • Has the job completed running now, 2 days later?
  • What were the formats of the files being scanned?
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  • Hi Chris, thank you for your answer. We shutdown the account on Friday. It was used for a course. The job was running for almost a day when we did that and did not end. We haven't checked the two first items you listed. It was a four lines txt file. We also haven't check cloudwatch logs, which I macie use to look for errors. we ran the same in a different region and everything worked smooth (aws health dashboard did not show any issue with the service).

    Thanks, Yossi

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