Better way to view multiple instance within a security group at the same time


On Services > EC2 instances,

Is there a way to align the column such that it shows the following information:

  1. The lab region the instance is current in
  2. What is the subnet or subnet it is currently in
  3. What is the security group id it is currently in
  4. What is the private IPv4 address.

Essentially, I just want the instances to show up more columns, rather than me going to click on the Instance ID and clicking on multiple tabs.

Source: I am using the official Amazon courseware: Architecting on AWS - Lab 1 - Explore using the AWS API to deploy an EC2

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Hi, good question!

If you're looking at the AWS Console, you can search by attributes including security group ID:

If using CLI or APIs, that can also be done via describe-instances and using the filters:

And for viewing options on console, it's possible to change the viewing options/details on the console to display or hide different attributes.

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