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Hello, I am in the process of adding location data to IoT Core Fleet Indexing.

My application currently uses multiple device shadows, where the two important ones are the status and the location. The location data is stored in a valid lat/lon format inside a Location shadow. I enabled fleet indexing and selected the State and Location Shadow in the named shadow menu. Up to this point, everything works fine.

When I try to add location data in the Index Location Data field, the Test succeeds on the Device I am using for my POC. However, when I try to update my Fleet Indexing Configuration, it fails with the following error:

Fleet indexing couldn't update. Please try again. InvalidRequestException: Field must match defined prefix for MULTI_INDEXING_MODE. Field:

I did not find any information on the error message. There is no information on how this prefix can be defined or should look like.

Is there any information on how to get rid of this error message? Thank you in advance!

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Lat/Long data cannot be directly stored under reported field without a parent field name. Assuming your named shadow is called Location, and location_data is a field under reported containing the lat/long info, the geolocation field within FI settings should be: as indicated in documentation[ Please open a ticket if you need further help after checking the above

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