Cloudformation Git sync with change sets?


All examples of Cloudformation Git sync show how stack update would be triggered from git commits. Instead of updating the stack, would it be possible to create a change set to be approved and executed later?

EDIT: Git sync being this feature

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We have a fun feature in the works where we’ll comment on your pull request with the contents of the changeset. That way you can review it and when you merge the PR, know what’ll happen!!

❤️ with love from the CloudFormation team ❤️

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  • What could be better than changeset? Changeset in PR :-)


Yes, it is possible to create a change set from a Git commit instead of directly updating the stack. When a commit is made to the Git repo, a change set can be created to preview the proposed changes before executing them.

Configure the CodePipeline to trigger on Git commits and pass the source code to CodeBuild. In CodeBuild, run a script that syncs the source code and generates a CloudFormation template.

Use the aws cloudformation create-change-set command to create a change set based on the updated template without applying the changes.

View and approve the change set in the console.

Once approved, the change set can be executed using aws cloudformation execute-change-set to update the stack.

This allows reviewing the proposed infrastructure changes before executing them, reducing the risk of unintended updates to production resources from Git commits. The change set acts as a checkpoint between code changes and stack updates.

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Why don't you just use CLI command aws cloudformation create-change-set in the workflow described in the blog hyperlinked from the announcement that you point ? See documentation

You can save the id of this change set and apply it as such at your convenience.



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  • But that git workflow is to run locally on developer laptop. The beef of git sync is (IMHO) you don't need to manage own runners, configure custom CodeBuilds or provide direct access to AWS for devs. Which is nice, it just would have been even better with an option to create a change-set as part of the process.

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