Streamlined SaaS onboarding for AWS Organizations


Does anyone know if there is a way to streamline customer onboarding at the AWS organization level? This AWS blog post provided an approach limited to single-account use cases. I want to automate the onboarding process for a SaaS application in AWS organizations so that the role created for the SaaS is at the organization level, allowing it to assume a role across selected child accounts.


So, my thoughts about a possible workflow is as follows:

  1. A Cloudformation template creates a role (super/org role, if you will) that can be assumed at the organization level. The role has the privilege to assume access to any child account.
  2. A process discovers all child accounts and asks the owner which accounts should be onboarded.
  3. The owner selects preferred accounts and onboarding proceeds.
  4. On-demand onboarding can be done for any other account using the already-created role.
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You should give a read to the other blog posts:

They go on a slightly different path than what you describe but what they suggest to remain "Well-Architected" is useful.



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