Current regional availability of Redshift Streaming Ingestion for Kinesis Data Streams Beta?


I'm interested in the recently announced Beta feature for Redshift: Streaming Ingestion for Kinesis Data Streams because it simplifies the setup enabling one to skip the S3 intermediary step.

The news article links to the regional product overview which does not list this specific beta program. I've tried different regions, but can't find it anywhere.

Can somebody (from AWS?) list the regions where this feature is currently available in beta? Or better yet, update the regional page to make it more explicit on this feature?

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I should have read more carefully: "Amazon Redshift Streaming Ingestion preview is now available in all Amazon Web Services (AWS) regions where Amazon Redshift is available." so it is already available for all Redshift clusters, given that the Redshift version is recent enough.

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  • correct you just need to make to provision an Amazon Redshift cluster on the CURRENT Track and verify your cluster is running version 1.0.35480 or newer.

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