EC2 instance is not reachable by public IP


Hey guys,

I understand there is a million questions like this every day. However mine is different. I did not change a thing in my account. All VPC resources were created by Amazon. I tried all troubleshooting tutorials I could find to no avail. I tried launching instances in 3 different regions - same result. Again I did not create/configure any of the VPC stuff, the instance is launched into a default VPC, default subnet and SG is default too.


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Hi Denis,

It is expected that you would not be able to reach instance over its public IP with default settings.

default security group associated to the instance, allow inbound traffic from network interfaces (and their associated instances) that are assigned to the same security group.


Therefore, to access instance over its public IP from your source machine, please add inbound rules to the security group.

To access windows instances:

To access linux instances:

I hope this helps.

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Oh, man. It's so simple it's embarrassing. Thank you very much!

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