AWS IoT Greengrass Core - Device Components list missing Items after updating to Nucleus 2.8.0


Our Healthy Core Device only shows 10 components under the Components list in the AWS Console UI:

AWS IoT -> Greengrass -> Core devices -> THING

Enter image description here

The API returns the same 10 results.

However, the Completed deployment and the Local Debug Console show the expected 24 running components.

AWS IoT -> Greengrass -> Deployments -> THING

Enter image description here

This happened only after we updated to Nucleus 2.8.0. Please reach out directly if you'd like to get additional info.

  • Hi gstclair,

    Thank you for your post. We will need additional information such as account id, thing name, and region to help us investigate this further. Could you open an AWS support ticket with additional details . In the meantime we will work on reproducing this on our end.

    Thanks, Navya.

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Thank you for reporting this to us. It should now be addressed by version 2.8.1.



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