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In our project when we do onboarding of new users, we assign them IAM roles specific to their scope of permissions (account created through terraform). However, all users have MFA enforced (these perms present Unfortunately, some of the users when trying to set up MFA device after logging into the console for the first time, the only thing they can see is a loading icon, which never stops loading. It is very random, it works for some people and not for others. As a result, they are not able to assign an MFA device themselves. Loggin out and in again does not help. When I try to query a list of mfa devices for the user, I get an empty list, which is right as the user just logged in. It doesn't explain the behaviour though. Any help appreciated!

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How are you navigating to the MFA setup page via IAM service or via the Security Credentials shortcut? I have faced this issue in the past with ForceMFA and navigating directly from Security Credentials helps 90% of the time

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  • Unfortunately, we already navigating to the MFA setup page through Security Credentials. But thanks for the answer! Have you ever managed to fully get rid of this behaviour?

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