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I'm trying to configure a lambda S3 trigger for an existing bucket, but I'm getting the following error in Cloud Formation:

Unable to validate the following destination configurations (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidArgument; Request ID: 0VZC1XMQ684D3764; S3 Extended Request ID: 2K+TABm48cA8QthjioLmNW2duzYoj3wtL/LAI6K1cO8YauBuNXKDs/fUSVxvux/zMZhDxbBR3/g=; Proxy: null)

Seems to be something related to lambda permission, but I have already setted the invoke permission.

YML especifications:

Lambda Invoke Permission (Already setted)

   Type: 'AWS::Lambda::Permission'
     FunctionName: !GetAtt
       - LambdaFunction
       - Arn
     Action: lambda:InvokeFunction
     Principal: s3.amazonaws.com
     SourceAccount: !Ref 'AWS::AccountId'
     SourceArn: !Ref LambdaARN

AWS::S3::Bucket Notification (Here where error occurs)

      - Event: 's3:ObjectCreated:*'
        Function: !Ref LambdaARN
  • I find out that this error happened because of yml file indentation, I tried removing spaces in the event tag and it worked.

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Hello, Here's a direct link to the same error and the possible causes as per your use-case.

Link -- https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/knowledge-center/unable-validate-destination-s3/ -- [1]

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  • I had a look in this link, I'm trying to use lambda instead SNS notification. As additional information, the invoke permission is already set in another cloud formation stack, the error occurs when I try to include the bucket notification statement.

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