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Hi I have a EC2 instance that is part of an elastic beanstalk setup. The instance runs a web server and a bespoke service I have created. They both connect to a RDS database.

Up until today all worked fine This morning the service has stopped resolving the IP of the database and I get a network connection error when running it in windows command prompt. The Webserver connects fine. Any ideas?

Thank you Mark

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Have you changed the rules for RDS or EC2 security groups?
Have you changed the network ACL settings for the subnet you are using?

The following documents describe general troubleshooting methods, so please review them all from the top.

What database are you using?
Depending on the database in use, there may be a setting that blocks the IP address after a certain number of failed connections.
For MySQL, this is "max_connect_errors".

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  • Thanks - the strange thing is I haven't changed anything. Which is not to say Amazon has not of course. The database is SQL server and I can connect to it fine from outside AWS, from the webserver running on the VM, but not from the command prompt on that VM. I will have a look at the troubleshooting steps suggested

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