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I need to attach Transit gateway to below AWS services within MUMBAI region

two VPC across two AZs two direct connect ports attached to direct connect gateway One IPsec VPN Tunnel


Will above be treated as attachments (2 VPC + 1 Direct connect+1 IPsec ) Will there be data transfer charges for inter VPC traffic across AZs as I understand data transfer is now free across AZs So , will the data processing charges for transit gateway only be applicable for IN OUT traffic flowing from Direct connect towards VPC?

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Yes, It will be 4 different attachments as you mentioned. Yes, the cross-AZ traffic would be free of charge as mentioned in the link above. For pricing, you will be charged, AWS Transit Gateway hourly charge & Transit Gateway data processing charge.

Refer to to be exactly sure of the pricing.

Hope this answers your question. for any detailed queries regarding Pricing, please contact AWS Support.

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