Is it possible to set a color or theme based on a parameter or filter in QuickSight


I am creating some dashboards to be embedded into a site that will pass a parameter into the sheet which will feed a filter. For UX reasons I want the theme(colours, specifically) to change based on the parameter's value. is this a thing?

It is possible to hack with certain charts, like a bar chart where you can map colours to different field values and then apply the filter, which persists, but for things like gauge charts where the field is only present as a filter and not part of the chart I can't see a way of doing it.

I'm about to go back to my design team and tell them no, but I thought someone here might know a way

Thanks in advance

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Regarding the Parameter based Colour changes for chart visuals, unfortunately the colour theme selection is static in Amazon Quicksight. However, for visual types such as Gauge charts, Key performance indicators (KPIs), Pivot tables and Tables, you can consider using Condition Formatting that supports changing text or background color and using symbolic icons based on same or other field values.


Also, regarding your concern on Guage charts to manage the color based on Fields present in filters, the above Conditional Formatting functionality helps. In case you would like to provide any feedback on any features or feature requests to Amazon Quicksight team, please feel free to create a support case instead so the technical team will help relaying the feedback.

I sincerely hope this helps ! As always, feel free to reach back with any further questions or concerns in the meantime.

Thank you.

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