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We are planning to migrate onpremises sql servers to AWS RDS SQl Servers. Currently on premises contains multiple MSSQL server versions/engines, those want to migrate. e.g MSSQL 2015, in this case should we migrate 2015 to 2016 or 2019 or lower to 2014, what will be good.

And for this migration can we use DMS service, do we have any limitation to migrate 4 TB data.. is DMS able to manage, how to calculate required time

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I would suggest migrating MSSQL on prem server to RDS with latest versions as long as you dont have any app compatibility issues. this way you are not on eol or approaching eol versions.,Lifecycle%20dates,-The%20following%20table

DMS doesnt have limitation on migrating based on onprem db size. Please note required timing for data migration is combination of network/source db size/table lob distribution thus i would suggest start testing in nonprod environment and that give numbers to analyse

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