Amazon Managed Grafana now supports AWS CloudFormation

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Manage your Amazon Managed Grafana workspace and authentication with AWS CloudFormation Templates

Amazon Managed Grafana now supports AWS CloudFormation. You can use AWS CloudFormation templates to create, update, and delete your Amazon Managed Grafana workspaces, as well as manage or update workspace SAML authentication settings.

Amazon Managed Grafana is a fully managed service for Grafana, a popular open-source analytics platform that enables you to query, visualize, and alert on your metrics, logs, and traces. AWS CloudFormation is a service that enables you to model, provision, and manage AWS and third-party resources by treating infrastructure as code. Using CloudFormation, you can now use templates to provision new Grafana workspaces, edit workspace settings such as workspace name or description, and manage the lifecycle of your Grafana workspaces programmatically. You can also create CloudFormation templates to configure workspace authentication options such as setting up SAML Identity Providers, specifying user roles, or defining attributes to identify user authentication. To learn more about manage Amazon Managed Grafana workspaces and configuring workspace SAML authentication with CloudFormation, see the Amazon Managed Grafana resource type reference in the CloudFormation user guide. To create Amazon Managed Grafana workspaces using AWS CloudFormation, follow the reference templates.

Amazon Managed Grafana is generally available in the following regions: US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), Europe (Ireland), Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (London), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Seoul). To get started with Amazon Managed Grafana, visit the AWS Console and Amazon Managed Grafana user guide. To learn more about Amazon Managed Grafana features and its pricing, visit the product page and pricing page.

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