AWS Transfer Family announces AWS CloudFormation support and enhanced monitoring capabilities for AS2

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AWS Transfer Family New Feature Launch Announcement

You can now use AWS CloudFormation templates to create and manage AWS Transfer Family resources for AS2 including servers, connectors, partner profiles, and certificates. AWS CloudFormation makes it easy to configure the entire stack of AS2 resources required to initiate and test an end-to-end AS2 message exchange. Additionally, you can now access Amazon CloudWatch metrics for AS2, such as number of successful and failed AS2 messages, in the AWS Transfer Family Management Console. These metrics enable you to more effectively monitor your AS2 activity using a centralized dashboard.

Customers across verticals such as healthcare and life sciences, retail, financial services, and insurance that rely on AS2 for exchanging business-critical data use AWS Transfer Family’s highly available, scalable, and globally available AS2 endpoints to more cost effectively and securely exchange transactional data with their trading partners. Exchanged data is natively accessible in AWS for processing, analysis, and machine learning, as well as for integrations with business applications running on AWS.

Both of these AS2 enhancements are available in all regions where the AWS Transfer Service is available. To quickly configure a stack of AS2 resources, read the documentation or deploy this sample template.

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