Storage Gateway - Can't mount SMB File Share under Windows


We setup a S3 File Gateway hosted as an EC2 instance following the instruction for creating a Storage Gateway and SMB File Share in this guide Create and activate an Amazon S3 File Gateway.
For now without any AD integration, just a configured password for the guest access.

However, on trying to mount the file share we keep getting the error "System error 53 has occurred - the network path was not found".
We already checked and tried all suggestions from How can I troubleshoot when I'm unable to mount my Storage Gateway SMB file share? and Troubleshooting and best practices

The ports 445 and 139 are allowed in the Security Group and the state of the file share is Available.
For mounting we us a computer running Windows 10 Pro.

At this point we are not sure what else to try and welcome any suggestions.


p.s. a test NFS file share with the same storage gateway is working

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Hi, you may get this error if File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft networks is disabled or not installed. Please refer here for steps to enable and additional details. I would also recommend checking here to see if Guest access is enabled in client registry settings.

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