AWS WorkMail not working for Outlook


I followed the below URL and Outlook is not working.

What needs to be done so AWS WorkMail can work on Outlook? I'm able to add this account but it would work - any input is appreciated.


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I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with configuring Outlook. What Outlook version are you using? Also do you see any error message?

Kind regards, Robin

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  • Thanks for your input @robinkaws - it's Outlook 365, and I don't get any error but can't just add the aws WorkMail account under settings.

  • Hi,

    If you have correctly configured the autodiscover domain record mail account configuration should happen automatically. In outlook click add account and enter your email address. After entering your email address you can select the the "Exchange" option. After selecting Exchange you need to enter your email address in the username field and enter your password. After that configuration should happen automatically.

    Kind regards, Robin

  • So with this new releaase of Outlook 365 Microsoft nolonger supports Exchange Server Basic authentication which I beleive is how the Outlook Classic client worked (allowed "Basic" authentication). I cant find how to get around this. The new Microsoft relase streamlined adding Google and Google Workspace account (that now works GREAT) but it killed AWS WorkMail. IMAP isbarely a solution becasue I was using the Exchange Server functinality where I could also sync contacts and calendars ..... this will force me to move our small company email which is unfortuante since Workmail has worked well for us for many years. AWS just needs to get 2FA or OAuth to work .... love to hear support is here or coming

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