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I need to change my cluster parameter group in order to create workload queues.
Will I have any downtime doing this operation?

Thank you for your help.

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Dear Customer,

You can apply dynamic properties to the database without a cluster reboot, but static properties require a cluster reboot for changes to take effect. However, if you change dynamic and static properties at the same time, then you must reboot the cluster for all the property changes to take effect. This is true whether the changed properties are dynamic or static.

While dynamic properties are being applied, your cluster status is modifying. Switching between automatic WLM and manual WLM is a static change and requires a cluster reboot to take effect.

You can refer to below documentation [1] stating which parameters are dynamic and which are static in nature based on the WLM(auto/manual) type.

[1] Configuring Workload Management - Properties for the wlm_json_configuration Parameter -

When using manual WLM, if the timeout value is changed, the new value is applied to any query that begins running after the value is changed. If the concurrency or percent of memory to use are changed, Amazon Redshift changes to the new configuration dynamically. Thus, currently running queries aren't affected by the change. For more information, see [2]

[2] WLM Dynamic Memory Allocation -


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Most modifications to an existing parameter group are applied dynamically and do not require a reboot

Parameter group changes that require a reboot: switching to a different parameter group, adding or removing queues.

Redshift reboots typically complete quickly.

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I might add to what Joe said to further help you expectation of what will occur is that your open read-only sessions will get parked and the current active query restarted after the reboot. However, your ope writer sessions will get severed and the SQL clients will need to reconnect to establish a new session.


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