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I have a free-tier account and I tried to use AmazonCloudWatch for a while. Now that I understand that this service is not relevant for me, I would like to cancel it altogether but not sure how to do that. I tried deleting the metrics but still see charges and just got an email saying: "account xxxx has exceeded 85% of the usage limit for one or more AWS Free Tier-eligible services for the month of March."

How can I stop this service completely.


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Unfortunately Amazon CloudWatch can not be cancelled or disabled.

Thus, most of AWS Services (EC2, S3, Kinesis, etc.) send logs and metrics automatically for free. However, some of them (such as EC2) have a detailed monitoring option, which sends additional metrics to CloudWatch, and you need to pay for them.

Could this be you case? Which other services are you using?

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  • I'm using lightsail storage S3 and I have 1 lightsail server (instance). I don't recall if that's something that I did but there might be a chance I installed an agent on the server to get memory usage, io, storage etc. metrics. Maybe I need to check if the server has an agent installed and need to remove it to stop sending this data. WDYT?

  • Metrics collected by the CloudWatch agent are billed as custom metrics, so most probably that is the cause.

  • Ok, I removed the agent from the instance and I'll track the billing in the next few days to make sure it stops billing me for cloudwatch.

    Tnx Mikel!

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