How to get pdf for ec2 servers list



In billing page there is a option "print". you can choose this and save as pdf format.

Likewise, how to get the pdf for ec2 servers.

Thanks, Ragav

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I don't think there is an option to obtain a PDF list of EC2 from the management console as of May 2024.
Therefore, you will need to create a program to obtain the CSV using AWS CLI, etc., as shown below, or to obtain the EC2 list using boto3, etc., and save it as a PDF.

aws ec2 describe-instances \
    --query "Reservations[].Instances[].{InstanceId:InstanceId, InstanceType:InstanceType, State:State.Name, Name: Tags[?Key==\`Name\`].Value, LaunchTime:LaunchTime}" \
    --output json | 
    jq -r ".[] | [.Name[0], .InstanceId, .InstanceType, .State, .LaunchTime] | @csv" > ec2-info.csv
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