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OnStartGameSession Not Triggering



We're using a fresh Third Person Template in Unreal Engine 5, setup everything from this documentation link https://docs.aws.amazon.com/gamelift/latest/developerguide/integration-engines-setup-unreal.html

After uploading the build to Amazon GameLift and creating a fleet from it, we get 2 clients to start matchmaking (our matchmaking rules require 2 players atm), the matchmaking ticket is stuck on PLACING and it's because the game session in the fleet is stuck in Activating state.

Added prints inside the OnStartGameSession lambda and it seems that it's not printing in the server logs.

We're using flexmatch with a queue pointing to an alias that is pointing to the fleet.

What could the issue be?

Thanks in advance.


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The GameLift team needs more information to debug why a game session could be stuck in ACTIVATING. I recommend cutting a customer ticket to GameLift with the following information:

AWS Account Id, region, fleetId, gameSessionId, queue name, and a time frame for when the issue occurred.


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