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Your feedback has been incredibly imperative to us as it provides vivid perspectives to the challenges faced in taking amazing games to the global audience (please keep ‘em coming). To that, the team is continually working hard to improve your experience on Amazon GameLift, that includes the channels you use to communicate with us! With that in mind, we’re -temporarily- putting the forums in read-only mode for some cool upgrades that we believe will help improve the digital experience.

For customers who –literally- just posted a support question, we’ll do our best to answer them while the forums undergoes these changes. [Worry not, your posts will not be lost].

Catch you in the new forum (^-^ /)~

// Cheers

GameLift Dev Team

demandé il y a 5 ans185 vues
1 réponse

Thanks for the new forum, it's a lot better than the old one.

répondu il y a 5 ans

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