2016 CVE has surfaced in inspector across many OS's and locations


Hello, I have an AWS account with inspector. CVE-2016-2183 was detected this month across many servers of our fleet, different OS's (windows) and regions. Is it possible this is an error with inspector? we don't have support so I can't raise directly with AWS.

I'm not aware of a fleet wide change that could surface this very old item, it's even visible on a domain controller with basically nothing else installed other than AV and AWS SW. Also present on machine build recently from AMI.

Appreciate any pointers, thank you.

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The CVE-2016-2183 is prevalent in TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 which support 3DES Encryption. Conside upadting to TLS 1.2 as a minimum (the 3DES cypher is dropped by default) and remove vulnerable ciphers.

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