Custom IoT Job for OTA update - how to get Rejected status?



We are using the golang sdk v2 to perform ota updates for device firmware. In order to get access to retries and scheduling config, we do not use the CreateOTAUpdate api but rather create the job directly (and signing job and stream). Everything is working fine - we have been able to get the devices to update firmware via this method. However there is one difference - when deploying a version less than or equal to the version running on the device, the jobs created through CreateOTAUpdate will get updated to "Rejected" status, but the jobs created directly get updated to "Failed" status. How can we mimic the OTA Update behavior and get the jobs to have a "Rejected" status in this scenario.


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Hi. Are you referring to the job execution status? I believe so:

Are you using the OTA library from the embedded C SDK? The version check is performed on the device:

Leading to here:

And eventually here:

Per the comment there, the status should be FAILED not REJECTED. This is seemingly confirmed by this: Searching on jobStatusRejected, it's not used in the library at all.

So as far as I know, REJECTED is not an expected outcome. Can you examine device logs for the two different scenarios?

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