AWS HealthImaging Datastore not visible on the console


We currently have a total of four datastores in AWS HealthImaging however in the console only two are visible. When we try to retrieve the same using *list_datastores * function using boto3 python library we are able to see all the four datastores which are ACTIVE.

When we view the Healthimaging console we are seeing the following as attached in the screenshot below, it is displays 52+ datastores: Enter image description here

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=>Verify Region in Console and boto3:

=>Check the region in the AWS Management Console (top-right corner). Ensure your boto3 session is configured for the same region. python Copy code import boto3

=>client = boto3.client('healthimaging', region_name='your-region') response = client.list_datastores() print(response) Check Permissions:

=>Go to the IAM console and check the policies attached to your user or role. =>Ensure permissions like healthimaging:ListDatastores are included. =>Check for Filters in the Console:

=>In the AWS HealthImaging console, make sure there are no filters applied that might limit the display of datastores. AWS Support:

=>If the issue persists, contact AWS Support with the details of your problem, including the discrepancies between the console and boto3 results. Example of boto3 list_datastores Usage Here is a sample script to list datastores using boto3:

=>code; import boto3

Initialize a session using Amazon HealthImaging

client = boto3.client('healthimaging')

List datastores

response = client.list_datastores()

Print the response to verify

for datastore in response['datastores']: print(datastore)

=>If all configurations and permissions are correct, and you still face discrepancies, it’s likely a bug or issue specific to the AWS console. Therefore, contacting AWS Support with detailed information will be crucial for resolution.

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Well... from your description, it looks like a bug in the service Console.

I'd advise you to open a ticket via Console > Support as the AWS service teams are not supposed to monitor re:Post for bug reports.



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Hi Sahil, data stores are regional concepts. Data stores only exist in the region they were created. The console experience is also regional, so you must have selected the appropriate region in the top right of the AWS Console (i.e., N. Virginia) in order to have data stores listed in that region. List datastores is a holistic operation that will summarize data stores across all regions. Please check if the data stores appear in the region they were created in.

The 52+ data stores may be another issue entirely. Do you have only 4 data stores?

Thank you, and let us know if this still does not resolve the issue.

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