Seeking Solutions for Exceeding Timestream's 2KB Insertion Limit


I'm writing to inquire about potential workarounds for the 2KB insertion limit currently imposed on Timestream databases. I'm particularly interested in exploring the following possibilities:

Configuration options: Are there any settings or configurations that could be adjusted to increase the allowable insertion size?
Code-level overrides: Is it feasible to circumvent this limit through code-based solutions? If so, could you please provide guidance on recommended approaches?

I'm eager to determine the most effective strategies for accommodating larger data insertions within Timestream. Your insights and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Additional Information:

If relevant, briefly describe the specific use case or data types driving the need for larger insertions.
Indicate any attempts already made to address the limitation.
Clarify any constraints or preferences regarding potential solutions.
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to manage the 2KB insertion limit in Amazon Timestream, a strategic approach to data organization is essential. One effective method is employing multi-measure records, which allow the inclusion of multiple measurements within a single record. This technique is particularly advantageous for applications that simultaneously generate multiple data points, such as in the fields of video streaming or medical device monitoring. By arranging your data in this manner, you can maximize the content within the 2KB limit while adhering to Timestream's structural requirements​

In addition to data structuring, understanding and working within the operational boundaries of Timestream is crucial. The platform is designed to automatically scale up in response to data ingestion demands. If you encounter throttling, maintaining or increasing your data throughput can prompt Timestream to adjust its capacity to fit your needs. However, it's important to be aware of the limits, especially concerning the maximum capacity of the magnetic store partitions, to prevent throttling issues. Familiarity with the specific quotas and constraints of Timestream, such as the limits on dimensions per table and the size constraints of dimension and measure value pairs, is key to optimizing your data storage within the platform's parameters

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