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When we are broadcasting our stage to IVS channel getting overlap issues.

  1. I'm facing layout issues when broadcasting a stage to an Amazon channel. After joining and starting the broadcast, when another person joins, I update the layout to accommodate two participants, but we encounter overlapping problems. How can I ensure a smooth layout adjustment without overlapping issues when additional participants join during a live broadcast?

We are following this link -

const layouts = [ [{ height: 800, width: 1200, x: 350, y: 100, index: 0 }], [{ height: 800, width: 800, x: 110, y: 100, index: 0 }, { height: 800, width: 800, x: 920, y: 100, index: 0 }], [{ height: 800, width: 600, x: 50, y: 100, index: 0 }, { height: 800, width: 600, x: 660, y: 100, index: 0 }, { height: 800, width: 600, x: 1270, y: 100, index: 0 }], ]

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  1. I'm experiencing an issue with refreshing the stage strategy when a participant hides their camera, and I add a canvas overlay. Sometimes, instead of refreshing the strategy, it just shows a blank screen. How can I ensure that the canvas overlay is properly displayed upon refreshing the strategy when a participant hides their camera?

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Above image first person hide the camera but its showing blank.

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Reviewing the post you are using as a reference, it indicates needing to redo the video composition each time a participant is added. "But remember - if we only do this when a participant is added, the previous video compositions will still reflect the composition that was applied when they were added. That is where the updateVideoCompositions() function comes into the picture. Here we loop over the participantIds array, grab the proper composition from layouts, and use the updateVideoDeviceComposition() (docs) method of the broadcastClient."

Please validate that you are updating the complete VideoComposition and not just adding a new attendee. Similar actions are needed when a participant leaves the Stage. "We should also make sure that when a participant leaves the stage that we remove the participant id from the array and again update the composition for all videos."

When a participant blanks their video, the connection to IVS Stage still remains, though only with black video. Unless the participant leaves or is removed from the Stage, their video will persist.

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  • okay, Thanks for the reply

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