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Hi AWS team, I am trying to run "AWSCodeBuild" but am getting below error. I did some research and the result is "Concurrently running builds" I don't know what "Concurrently running builds" is? What do I need to do to solve the problem.

This is error when run : Action execution failed Error calling startBuild: Cannot have more than 0 builds in queue for the account (Service: AWSCodeBuild; Status Code: 400; Error Code: AccountLimitExceededException; Request ID: 708ea06f-996c-4947-b907-93e714ac25bc; Proxy: null)

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Is this a new account? If it is, try running an EC2 instance from the free tier for an hour and then trying CodeBuild again.

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  • in aws organization i was deploying multiaccount environment with an accoount to devops y others to dev y prod. The build does not work until i do that.

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