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To whom it may concern, Hi, I have problem to get access to cloudshell and I wonder how could I get access to it successfully. I have granted the user of permission to fully access to cloudshell and I have set the region in Ireland in which should be able to connect cloudshell. But i still face the trouble below: Unable to start the environment. To retry, refresh the browser or restart by selecting Actions, Restart AWS CloudShell. I would really appreciate it if you could help me solve this problem. Brilliant thanks for your precious time in advance.

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While using AWS CloudShell, you might encounter issues, such as when you launch CloudShell or perform key tasks using the shell command line interface.

Below are some common scenario's

1. Unable to start the environment. You don't have required permissions. Ask your IAM administrator to be granted access to AWS CloudShell

Issue: When you attempt to launch AWS CloudShell from the AWS Management Console, you're denied access and notified that you don't have required permissions.

Cause: The IAM identity that you're using to access AWS CloudShell lacks the necessary IAM permissions.

Solution: Request your IAM administrator to provide you with the necessary permissions. They can do this either through adding an attached AWS managed policy (AWSCloudShellFullAccess) or an embedded inline policy. For more information, see Managing AWS CloudShell access and usage with IAM policies.<br><br>

2. Unable to access AWS CloudShell command line

Issue: After modifying a file that the compute environment uses, you can't access the command line in AWS CloudShell.

Solution: If you lose access after incorrectly modifying .bashrc or any other file, you can return AWS CloudShell to its default settings by deleting your home directory.<br><br>

3. There were some issues preparing your terminal

Issue: When trying to access AWS CloudShell using the Microsoft Edge browser, you can't start a shell session, and the browser displays an error message.

Cause: AWS CloudShell isn't compatible with earlier versions of Microsoft Edge. You can access AWS CloudShell using the latest four major versions of supported browsers.

Solution: Install an updated version of Edge browser from the Microsoft site.

For more Troubleshooting Please have a look

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