How can I view my backups in AWS Backup?

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I want to know how I can check my backups in AWS Backup.


View your backups on Backup vaults

To view the backups created by AWS Backup, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the AWS Backup console.
  2. In the navigation pane, choose Backup vaults.
  3. Choose the backup vault name where you store your backups.
  4. Under Recovery points, you can view the list of all the backups organized in this Backup vault.
    You can filter the recovery points by resource type, recovery point ID, status, resource ID, or source account ID.
  5. To view the recovery point details, choose a specific recovery point. Also, you have the option to copy, delete, or restore the recovery point.

The AWS Backup console has a page index limited to search only for the first 1000 recovery points in the vault. The recovery points are displayed newest to oldest in the vault. If you have over 1000 recovery points in the vault, then you must first load all the pages in the vault. Then, search for your recovery point.

For example, you have 15000 recovery points in a single vault. To search all the recovery points, first, navigate to the vault and use settings to display 100 recovery points for each page. Then, use the page numbers to navigate to 150 pages, and then search for your backup.

It's a best practice to use AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) to search recovery point by vault when you have over 1000 recovery points. For more information, see describe-recovery-point.

If you can't find a recovery point in the backup vault after selecting the correct vault name and AWS Region, check the following:

  • Check if the recovery point has been deleted as part of backup plan lifecycle policy. For more information, see Backup plan options and configuration.
  • If you're trying to locate a continuous backup, then you can enter continuous in the backup vault search. Be sure to load all pages in the backup vault to see all recovery points. A continuous backup recovery point has a creation date of when it's first created. The creation date doesn't update with every continuous backup created. This means that continuous backups are usually located as the last records in the backup vault.

To see a list of recovery points by Backup vault programmatically, use the ListRecoveryPointsByBackupVault API.

View protected resources

To view the list of protected resources backed up by AWS Backup, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the AWS Backup console.
  2. In the navigation pane, choose Protected resources.
  3. Choose a protected resource in the list to see the list of backups under this protected resources.
    Note: Only resources that have been backed up by AWS Backup are listed under Protected resources.
  4. View the backups for the resource. You can also choose a backup and restore it.

To see a list of recovery points by resource programmatically, use the ListRecoveryPointsByResource API.

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