Why did my CloudWatch canary fail with the error "Node is either not visible or not an HTMLElement"?

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I created an Amazon CloudWatch canary using the GUI Workflow Builder. However, my canary failed and I received the following error: "Node is either not visible or not an HTMLElement". How can I troubleshoot this error?


When creating a CloudWatch canary, the "Node is either not visible or not an HTMLElement" error is typically caused by:

  • Using a script that references a non-existent element (Wrong selector)
  • Using a script that references an invisible element (Correct selector but the element is invisible)
    Note: If you use a global selector as a class element in your script, the selector uses the first element in the resulting array by default. If the first element has a "display:none" CSS value, the element will be invisible.

To fix this error, follow the steps in How can I identify a DOM selector or XPath to use in a CloudWatch canary GUI Workflow Builder? Be sure to use a selector that has a result in a desired element.

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