How do I direct traffic to specific resources or AWS Regions based on the query's geographic location?

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I have resources in multiple AWS Regions, and I want users to be routed to the resource that's geographically closest to them.


To route client requests to:

  • The resource endpoint geographically closest to the source of the request.
  • Based on the client’s location.
  • Or, based on the client’s resolver location.

You can use an Amazon Route 53 hosted zone with a geolocation routing policy:

  1. (Optional) If you haven't done so already, create a Route 53 hosted zone.
  2. In the Route 53 console, open the Hosted zones pane, select your hosted zone, and choose Go to Record Sets.
  3. Choose Create Record Set, and fill in the fields with the following:
    For Name, enter www.
    For Type, choose A-IPV4 Address.
    For Alias, choose Yes and select a resource endpoint.
    For Routing Policy, choose Geolocation. Then, for Location, choose the geographic region that you want to direct to the endpoint you selected.
    For Set ID, enter a unique friendly name that's meaningful to you for the record set.
  4. Repeat step 3 for any other geographic regions and endpoints you want to use.

Note: To choose an endpoint for traffic to be routed to from regions other than the ones you specifically selected:

  • Create a new record set by using these steps.
  • Choose Default under Location.

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