Sagemaker Xgboost Framework 1.7.0+ Support?


Any plans for Built-in Sagemaker Xgboost to support version 1.7.0+? This version allows for spark based xgboost models.

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At this time sagemaker does support Xgboost Framework 1.7.0+

The current support versions of XGBoost Algorithm on Sagemaker is the following:

Framework (open source) mode: 1.0-1, 1.2-1, 1.2-2, 1.3-1, 1.5-1

Algorithm mode: 1.0-1, 1.2-1, 1.2-2, 1.3-1, 1.5-1

    XGBoost Algorithm - Supported versions -

However, you still can create a create a custom Create a container that can have support XGBoost 1.7.2, and can host your algorithms and models.

For more details on creating your own container please refer to "Create a container with your own algorithms and models" in the link below.

In addition there are also some examples that you can also use to help you get started on creating your own container.

Build a Custom Training Container and Debug Training Jobs with Amazon SageMaker Debugger -
Example Notebooks: Use Your Own Algorithm or Model -
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  • I must be confused, the link you provided states:

    The current release of SageMaker XGBoost is based on the original XGBoost versions 1.0, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.5.

    How would I specify a built-in algorithm to use in hyperparameter tuning leveraging XGBoost version 1.7?

    The documentation for image URI also doesn't seem to specify 1.7:

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