Observability Workshop giving error inspite of following all steps


I have been trying to perform the observability workshop, and hitting error everytime.

Trying to execute this below steps... https://catalog.workshops.aws/observability/en-US/installation/not-using-ee/deploy-app#deploy-the-stack

attaching errors encountered.Enter image description here
Enter image description here

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Hello! Did you correctly set the CONSOLE_ROLE_ARN variable in Step 15? It's helpful to run the following command to confirm you are using the correct ARN to set this variable:

aws sts get-caller-identity --query Arn

You can copy the result of that command to use as the value when you set the CONSOLE_ROLE_ARN variable in Step 15.

I would also recommend ensuring that all portions of the stack are removed from any previous attempts prior to trying again. You may need to manually check and remove certain pieces of the stack for it to be completely clear. To do this, go to CloudFormation and monitor the Resources and Outputs after you've selected to delete a stack to ensure all steps were successfully deleted. If any are not successful, you can manually navigate to those items and remove them by hand.

Hope this helps!

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