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I have a S3 backed SMB File Gateway. While for most part it works perfectly, on occasions some files become inaccessible, they are still listed in the file system but attempting to open, moving or deleting leads to a permission error (independently of the OS where the gateway is mounted). The permission error can not be overcome by sudo and chmod has no effect. Going directly to the S3 bucket using the console I can still download the files so their content is still kept, interestingly in the same bucket there is a copy of the inaccessible file with an additional random letter suffix. Has anyone experienced a similar situation?

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Generally, such issues are seen when multiple writer are involved. Meaning a writer other than the specified File Gateway modifying the specified file in the associated S3 bucket.

If you have Health logs enabled on the gateway, the errors are logged to the Cloud Watch log group configured on the Gateway if the S3 File Gateway fails to read/write/modify files.

Here is a reference on the different errors and possible work arounds:

Please confirm if there are multiple writers involved in this case and any details about the use case would be helpful as well.

However, if multi writer is not the case, please open a case with AWS support with additional details for further investigation.

Thank you!

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