"Something went wrong" Error when Attempting to Navigate to a DMS S3 Target Endpoint


During a recent release of DMS, Links to the details of Target Endpoints of Type S3 stopped working. The S3 buckets that are associated with the endpoints can be accessed via the S3 console and the Database migration tasks associated run without error. Also, all other endpoints work, even Source Endpoints of type S3. It is just the S3 Target endpoints that have this issue.

Here is the error message that is displayed when a link to the endpoint detail is clicked.

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NOTE: After calling the cli command dms:describe-endpoints and comparing the output with the output from a test environment, there are no difference in the endpoint configurations.

However, the same error is now occurring in the test environment which has not been touched since January 26, at which point the error above was not present in both environments.

Below is the dsm:describe-endpoint output from a S3 Target Endpoint that is failing in the console.

	"EndpointIdentifier": "aaaa-bbbbbbbb-data-dev-blue-dms-target-endpoint-bronze-s3-cccccccccccccc",
	"EndpointType": "TARGET",
	"EngineName": "s3",
	"EngineDisplayName": "Amazon S3",
	"ExtraConnectionAttributes": "bucketFolder=CCCCCCCCCCCCCCC;bucketName=aaaa-us-east-1-bbbbbbbb-blue-data-bronze-dev;CdcPath=cdc-files;compressionType=NONE;csvDelimiter=,;csvRowDelimiter=\\n;datePartitionEnabled=false;",
	"Status": "active",
	"EndpointArn": "arn:aws:dms:us-east-1:111111111111:endpoint:VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV",
	"SslMode": "none",
	"ServiceAccessRoleArn": "arn:aws:iam::111111111111:role/aaaa-bbbbbbbb-data-useast1-dev-blue-dms-s3-role",
	"S3Settings": {
		"ServiceAccessRoleArn": "arn:aws:iam::111111111111:role/aaaa-bbbbbbbb-data-useast1-dev-blue-dms-s3-role",
		"CsvRowDelimiter": "\\n",
		"CsvDelimiter": ",",
		"BucketFolder": "CCCCCCCCCCCCCCC",
		"BucketName": "aaaa-us-east-1-bbbbbbbb-blue-data-bronze-dev",
		"CompressionType": "NONE",
		"EnableStatistics": true,
		"IncludeOpForFullLoad": false,
		"CdcInsertsOnly": false,
		"ParquetTimestampInMillisecond": false,
		"CdcInsertsAndUpdates": false,
		"DatePartitionEnabled": false,
		"UseCsvNoSupValue": false,
		"PreserveTransactions": true,
		"CdcPath": "cdc-files",
		"UseTaskStartTimeForFullLoadTimestamp": false,
		"AddColumnName": true,
		"CsvNullValue": "''",
		"IgnoreHeaderRows": 1,
		"MaxFileSize": 50000,
		"Rfc4180": true,
		"AddTrailingPaddingCharacter": false
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Sorry that you've been impacted by this. Our team has identified the issue while accessing DMS S3 target endpoint via AWS Console and a fix for the same is actively being worked on.

While this is being fixed, as a workaround, you can use the AWS CLI/API commands to describe the endpoint and get the details of the endpoints.

> aws dms describe-endpoints --filter="Name=endpoint-id,Values=s3endpointname"

[+] https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cli/latest/reference/dms/describe-endpoints.html

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Thanks for the quick reply.

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  • This issue has now been resolved.

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