Protecting (Encryption) SAP backups on AWS


Hi there, I am working on a SAP system, and it is very important to protect the data. My question is regarding AWS backint for SAP HANA database and if it supports VPC end point. I also see that AWS has recently released AWS Backup for HANA. Can I use AWS Privatelink to keep my traffic within the AWS backbone? What are the best practices. Appreciate your directions

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Hi There,

AWS backint for SAP HANA database is an agent that runs on your Amazon EC2 instance. You refer to the which says that you backup to S3 using an S3 end-point.

We recently launched AWS Backup for SAP HANA database running on a Amazon EC2. AWS Backup supports AWS PrivateLink AWS PrivateLink allows you to establish a private connection between your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (“VPC”) and AWS Backup endpoints by creating an interface VPC endpoint. AWS Backup for SAP HANA and AWS PrivateLink enable you to privately access AWS Backup for SAP HANA operations in a secure and scalable manner, while keeping all the network traffic within the AWS global network.

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