NOT_SUPPORTED: ORDER BY LIMIT > 2147483647 is not supported


SELECT count(*) as count ,accountname,deviceaction,ipaddress from "zinble"."zinble_2_enriched" where (rg_id IN ( 41 )) and ((resourcegroupidpq = '41' AND yearpq = '2022' AND dayofyearpq = '203') ) and eventtime >= 1657093590000 and eventtime < 1659685590000 and '785a9f0c-6187-4f50-8e7f-742a3ed0feda'='785a9f0c-6187-4f50-8e7f-742a3ed0feda' group by accountname,deviceaction,ipaddress ORDER BY count DESC LIMIT 62500000000;

When i run the above query i get this error ->. NOT_SUPPORTED: ORDER BY LIMIT > 2147483647 is not supported This query ran against the "zinble" database, unless qualified by the query.

Can we increase the limit's value from Integer.MaxValue to Long.Maxvalue. If yes, can you please tell me how.

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Currently there is no option to change the upper limit to be able to support numbers bigger than 2147483647

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