Swap space being eaten up by greengrass


I see the following process on my GreenGrass device: java -Dlog.store=FILE -Dlog.store=FILE -Droot=/greengrass/v2 -jar /greengrass/v2/alts/current/distro/lib/Greengrass.jar --setup-system-service false

is this the main greengrass service ? I'm asking because it seems to use a lot of memory and seems to be growing all the time causing the swap memory to grow.

jeteye@jeteye:/data/rt$ sudo smem --sort=swap -r
  PID User     Command                         Swap      USS      PSS      RSS
 4525 root     java -Dlog.store=FILE -Dlog   514860   353064   353386   354676
 7067 ggc_user java -jar /greengrass/v2/pa    75560     2720     2986     3392
 7957 root     /usr/sbin/streamcontroller     57640    60192    61500    63172
 6029 root     /usr/bin/dockerd -H fd:// -    33704    21848    21848    21856

and eventually ( over 2.5+ hours) the swap process (kswapd0) is starting to take so much processor time that other processes (that need to handle live video) don't get enough time and restart (this is a guess..still collecting more information).

Is there a way to limit the amount of memory that GreenGrass uses over time ?

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Hoi clogwog. Yes that's the main process. Did you find this link?


Also you can use the systemResourceLimits configuration item of the Nucleus to limit the amount of RAM (and CPU) available to component processes.


The growth over time sounds concerning though.

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Hoi Greg,

no i didn't find that link. Very useful. Will set some limits and run it overnight again. It may just be because it is completely unrestricted it will just use it.

Dank U well !

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