Unable to add Destination number in sandbox


Completely green here .. I can't add a destination phone number for sandbox use. Yes my console state I am using a sandbox. When I attempt to add a number I get an error stating that stating not having an origination number. This is the sandbox, am I missing something?

I am associating this,lack of, sandbox number to the fact I can't get text message when I run the SDK example but I do get emails

Thanks for the help

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Hi, according to this: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/compute/introducing-the-sms-sandbox-for-amazon-sns/

For sending SMS messages to Sandbox destination phone numbers in countries where origination identities are required, you must purchase an origination identity.

So even in sandbox you need to set the origination identity. Follow that guide for clarification.

Hope it helped and if it did, I d appreciate if answer can be accepted so that community can benefit when searching for similar issues, thanks ;)

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  • Thanks for clarifying though how do I purchase an origination identity. I did manage to see a page that was allowing me to purchase a number (pinpoint) but not sure that is the correct action. And it was like $2/month.

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