Internal DNS resolves to wrong IP address


Since this morning my EC2 machines in Ohio are unable to connect to the secrets manager: the default us-east-2.compute.internal DNS resolves to a private IP but the connection cannot be established, while it succeeds if I try from my local machine using the public IP address.

$ wget -O- ""                    
--2024-03-19 13:06:18--
Resolving (,,
Connecting to (||:443... ^C

I think some configuration was changed during the night and the DNS is still pointing to the old IP addresses but I have no idea how to refresh them.

Does anyone have a suggestion or experienced a similar problem in the past?

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If the SSM service is resolved to Private IP, you have a VPC endpoint for the SSM. You need to check a security group attached to the VPC endpoint.

Check this article as well. It explains the whole configuration way

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