Serverless deployement giving access denied and forbidden on writing and reading an s3 bucket respectively


I have an api which takes a file from user and uploads it to s3. I am using my IAM access and secret to configure the s3 client. I have turned off all public access in my bucket and am using default permissions. In my local machine, I am able to read and write objects in the bucket successfully but when I am deploying it to a lambda using serverless, and checking the api it is giving error access denied for writing and Forbidden: null for reading. I have checked my environment variables and they seem correct. I don't understand why it is not working on Serverless if it is working locally.

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When running in Lambda, you don't want to use env var for access keys and secret keys: it is a bad practice.

You rather want to use the Lambda execution role and grant it the service credentials needed by your use case:

This article explains very well how to use the execution role:



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