Can I use the 'WITH' clause in Athena UNLOAD


I'm trying to run an UNLOAD query that starts with several 'WITH' clauses in Athena, but no matter what I try I keep getting syntax errors, has anyone have been able to run the UNLOAD operation with this kind of queries? (links and/or examples are welcome)


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The below Athena UNLOAD query with the WITH clause worked fine for me.

UNLOAD(select * from table)
to 's3://bucket/'

You can find some examples here

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  • Thanks for your answer, but I mean the "classic" SQL WITH clause (for aliasing whole queries), not the with clause for adding the UNLOAD options.

    Something like:

    WITH table1 as (SELECT raw.field1, raw.field2, raw2.field1, raw2.field1 from raw, raw2 ....), table2 as (SELECT raw3.field1, raw3.field2, raw3.field3 from raw3) UNLOAD (SELECT * from table1, table2 ....) to 's3://bucket/' with(format='parquet',compression='snappy')

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