AWS Glue Catalog Table Name Cannot Be Searched By Full Text


Service Name: AWS Glue

Situation: When I search for table in Glue Data Catalog by input a part of table name in web UI search box, the result is not showed correctly. For example;


And I typed "mqtt" , it returns inconsistent result

  1. Show only top of list e.g. only "mqtt_aapl"

  2. Show all tables in catalog including "kafka_stock"

  3. Show nothing


  1. When I typed "mqtt", it should return 3 items of list "mqtt_aapl", "mqtt_goog" and "mqtt_tesla"

  2. When I typed "stock" it should return only "kafka_stock"

Please help to figure out how I can deal with this situation.

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The easiest way is to use the Lake Formation Data Catalog.

All the information contained in the Glue Catalog is available there, but with full text search support

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