How to restore WorkSpaces to a previous state


Hi team, I had to rebuild the WorkSpaces as it was being flagged as Unhealthy and it was also running very slow. After that, the files I had stored under the C: drive were all gone. Is there any way to restore the instance to a previous state? I can't find the option on the console.

Thank you, Laura

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Hi Laura. Unfortunately files stored on the C: drive (OS Drive) are destroyed during a WorkSpaces rebuild.

Amazon WorkSpaces creates a separate D: drive which stores user profiles and user data. The contents of this drive are restored from the most recent backup during a WorkSpaces rebuild.

We recommend that users do not store any data on the OS (C:) drive as it is not backed up or retained during a WorkSpaces rebuild

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  • Hi Robert, thank you for your answer. This is indeed helpful and explains why anything in C: was lost. We'll keep this in mind!

    Best, Laura

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