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Hi, We notice that the logical mapping directories have a limit of 50 by a user we would like to have 1500, there is an instance where we can request an increase in this limit?


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I believe the limit of 50 mappings for Logical Directories is a hard limit. However, I would encourage you to raise a limit increase case via Support Center and have it directly confirmed with the Transfer team. In your request, please provide information on relevant resources such as server-id, region and the desired limit. Also, do include your use-case on why you need the limit increase and how does the current limit impact your ability to utilize the service.

If you do not find the specific limit increase while raising a request, select a different limit increase and share details within Case description. Or if you have a Premium Support plan, you can create a technical case as well and provide details there.

Let me know if you have questions.



-- Sagar

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