Calling on-prem Web API from AWS Lambda


I have an AWS lambda function which needs to talk to an on-prem .NET Web API in our corporate network. Although it is not the right approach, I should do this until the on-prem API can be moved to the cloud.

What AWS Services that I need to use to create a connection channel so the on-Prem Web API can be called from the AWS Lambda? Is there an example to show how this is done?

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I'm assuming that you want to keep your on premises API private rather than expose it to the Internet. If so:

You'll need to create a link between a VPC and your on premises network. The default VPC is fine but you probably want to create a new VPC with a specific IP address range that doesn't overlap with your on premises network.

You can link the two together using the managed VPN service or Direct Connect. It's quicker and easier to set up a VPN (less expensive too!); you can switch to Direct Connect later if you require more consistent bandwidth and latency.

Then, configure your Lambda function to run within the context of the VPC which will allow it to access resources in that VPC and on premises via the VPN (or Direct Connect) that you have.

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