MediaLive Input loss behavior not working as expected.


Hello! We're using MediaLive for livestreaming the output of MediaConnect streams. We have 2 redundant streams coming out of MediaConnect and into standard MediaLive channel. This channel is handling switching if one of the streams is unavailable. We also configured input loss behavior to display when BOTH of the inputs are down.

"globalConfiguration": {
      "supportLowFramerateInputs": "DISABLED",
      "inputEndAction": "NONE",
      "outputTimingSource": "INPUT_CLOCK",
      "inputLossBehavior": {
        "repeatFrameMsec": 1000,
        "blackFrameMsec": 10000,
        "inputLossImageType": "SLATE",
        "inputLossImageColor": "000000",
        "inputLossImageSlate": {
          "uri": "<technical difficulties image.png>"

While testing, we noticed that disabling one of the inputs makes the channel to properly switch to the other one. But when we disable the second one, streaming stops without displaying the slate image (then repeats last 10 seconds of stream). When I was testing the same configuration as above on single pipeline channel, it was working fine. Do you know what might be the issue?

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Several items need more detail to fully understand what is occurring. First, are the 2 inputs from MediaConnect each only feeding one MediaLive pipeline of the Standard (dual pipe) MediaLive? Second, what is the Input Loss Behavior on the Output Group setting? (This is different than the Input Loss Behavior for the input.) Third, what is MediaLive delivering its output to? MediaPackage? Some other origin server?

The Standard MediaLive has dual pipelines, each with their own input and output. Each will respond separately to an input loss, based on the Input Loss behavior settings for both Input and Output. Redundancy and failover will be handled downstream from MediaLive. Ex: MediaPackage is designed to receive the outputs from the dual pipe MediaLive, and will switch btwn those inputs if the current used input stops delivering HLS data. A Single pipeline MediaLive will only have one output and MediaPackage will not have another MediaLive output to switch to.

Under a MediaLive Output Group, if the Input Loss Behavior is set to Pause, no output will be sent if the input to that ML pipeline stops. If it is set to Emit Output, then that output should contain the last output for 1s, then black for 10s (as per your configuration). When using the Emit Output setting, a downstream service may not detect and loss of data and would not switch to the other ML pipeling. Note that the other pipeline from a Standard ML will continue to operate normally if its input remains.

If MediaPackage is being used with a Standard MediaLive (dual pipeline) it will switch from using data from one pipeline to the other if the active input stops receiving data.

The combination of all of these can may it challenging to predict what is viewed by a player when input sources stop working.

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